Our History

Our History

Key members of our community have been dreaming of a library in Langdon since 2015 when it was identified as a need for our growing hamlet.

In July 2020, first contact was made with Marigold Library System and a group of passionate community members started making progress to bring a library to Langdon.  Langdon Library Society was formed in early 2021 to guide this project.  Since then, the Langdon Library Society has been working diligently. They established and executed a plan to make the dream of a library in our small hamlet a tangible reality. 

This dream of a Public Library started to take shape with a generous donation by the Library Board in the Town of Cereal. When faced with the closure of their own beloved library, they voted unanimously to donate all fixtures, equipment and book collections to Langdon.  Through the efforts of a small group of local volunteers, the donation from Cereal was accepted and, in July 2021, moved into storage in various locations in Langdon until we could find a home for it all.

With much help from Marigold, the dedication of all the volunteers, support of Rocky View County administration and council, the Langdon Community Library slowly became a reality over the next two years. 

On June 3, 2023, we opened our doors to the public and are excited to grow our library in the community!  We are located in the Qualico Resource Centre in Langdon Park (right behind the Fieldhouse).  Hope to see you soon!